"Every man and every woman is a star" - Aleister Crowley

She´s filled with galaxies and is an apprentice magician, always goes surrounded by her ghost friends. Some people found her taking strolls under dark skies and caught her howling at the moon, they say she´s sort of savage and artistic.

That´s her, the so called Lembrare.


LEMBRARE LOOKBOOK F/W 14/15. New mini collection and lookbook for this season!!


Welcome to Viveka Goyanes' DESIGN and ART portfolio

Amoelbarroco is a personal project and a wide creative concept about attire design and art
managed by Galician artist Viveka Goyanes.

Subjects such as vanity, end of beauty or construction of identity
in relation with personal image are some of the main ideas in Amoelbarroco
and have been developed/showcased through different appearances and shapes being
fashion collections, photography collaborations or art object series the most popular of them.

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