Welcome to Viveka Goyanes' personal portfolio

Viveka Goyanes is a fashion designer with an artistic point of view and a certain fixation with past eras, decadent atmospheres and time flowing.

Viveka´s work has been showcased with national and international recognition since 2009 having won an INJUVE national fashion design prize in 2010. Her first solo exhibition took place in 2013 in the city of Salamanca. Nowadays she combines her work as a freelance designer for fashion companies with the development of personal projects.

Selected publications
360Grados Press, Brit Es Magazine, The Beefeater Experience, ANORMALMAG, Sie7e art magazine, Camelarte, El Dado del Arte, EuropaPress, Tumblr Spain as featured user, INFOMAG, Etsy finds, N-SPHERE, La Voz de Galicia, SHOWstudio blog, Amelia´s magazine, V Television, La Sexta TV