Essential Gear for Kickstarting Your Motorcycle or Dirt Bike

Motorcycle Kickstarter Dirt Bike Gear

I. Introduction

A. Overview of motorcycle kickstarters and their role in dirt bike gear:

Motorcycle kickstarters, also known as kick pedals, are manual starting mechanisms that utilize a lever and ratchet system to rotate the engine’s crankshaft, initiating the combustion process. These time-honored devices have been a staple of dirt bikes for decades, providing a simple yet effective means of starting these robust machines.

B. Importance of understanding kickstarters for dirt bike enthusiasts:

For dirt bike enthusiasts, understanding motorcycle kickstarters is paramount. These mechanisms are not merely starting devices; they are integral components of the dirt bike experience, demanding a degree of skill and technique to operate effectively. Mastering the art of kickstarting not only ensures the ability to start your bike but also fosters a deeper connection with the machine and the sport itself.

C. Key features and considerations when choosing a motorcycle kickstarter:

When selecting a motorcycle kickstarter, several factors should be considered. The type of kickstarter, whether standard, compression release, or electric, plays a significant role in starting ease and convenience. Additionally, the kickstarter’s construction, materials, and ergonomics should be evaluated to ensure durability, comfort, and compatibility with your specific dirt bike model.

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II. Types of motorcycle kickstarters

A. Standard kickstarters:

The most common type, standard kickstarters feature a lever and ratchet mechanism that directly rotates the crankshaft. These kickstarters demand a well-practiced technique and a firm kick to overcome the engine’s compression.

B. Compression release kickstarters:

Incorporating a compression release valve, these kickstarters allow for a momentary reduction in engine compression, making the starting process less strenuous. This feature is particularly beneficial for larger displacement engines or riders with limited kicking power.

C. Electric kickstarters:

Offering the ultimate in starting convenience, electric kickstarters utilize a battery-powered motor to rotate the crankshaft. These kickstarters are particularly popular on larger, heavier dirt bikes and for riders who prefer a more effortless starting experience.

Motorcycle Kickstarter Dirt Bike Gear

III. How to use a motorcycle kickstarter

A. Preparation:

  1. Neutral gear: Ensure the bike is in neutral to prevent engine engagement during the starting process.

  2. Firm footing: Find a stable, level surface and establish a firm footing with your non-kicking leg to provide a solid base for kicking.

  3. Warm-up (cold engine): If the engine is cold, engage the choke lever to enrich the fuel mixture and aid in starting.

B. Kicking technique:

  1. Lever placement: Place the ball of your foot firmly on the kick lever, ensuring proper grip and leverage.

  2. Compression point: Slowly rotate the kick lever until you feel resistance, indicating the compression point.

  3. Smooth, powerful kick: With a smooth, controlled motion, deliver a powerful kick, using your leg muscles to drive the lever downward.Essential Gear for Kickstarting Your Motorcycle or Dirt Bike插图3

IV. Tips for starting a dirt bike with a kickstarter

A. Starting position:

  1. Flat surface: Choose a flat, level surface to prevent the bike from tipping during the starting process.

  2. Body positioning: Position yourself properly on the bike, ensuring a centered stance and a firm grip on the handlebars.

B. Kicking technique:

  1. Smooth motion: Maintain a smooth and controlled kicking motion, avoiding jerky or excessive force.

  2. Adjust choke: Adjust the choke lever gradually to find the optimal setting for starting conditions.

  3. Prime the engine (if necessary): Some bikes require priming the engine with fuel before starting. Refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

  4. Persistence: Mastering kickstarting requires practice and persistence. Don’t give up if it takes multiple attempts to start the bike.Essential Gear for Kickstarting Your Motorcycle or Dirt Bike插图4

V. Troubleshooting common kickstarting problems

A. Identifying the issue:

  1. Kickstarter mechanism: Check for loose connections, damaged springs, or worn-out ratchets in the kickstarter mechanism.

  2. Fuel system: Inspect for fuel flow issues, clogged jets, or a faulty fuel pump.

  3. Ignition system: Verify that the spark plugs are firing properly and the ignition system is functioning correctly.

  4. B. Addressing specific problems:

    1. Kickstarter mechanism: If the issue lies with the kickstarter itself, consult your owner’s manual or a qualified mechanic for repairs or replacements. Loose connections can often be tightened, while worn-out components like springs or ratchets may require replacement.

    2. Fuel system: A clogged fuel filter or jets can hinder starting. Cleaning or replacing these components may be necessary. In some cases, a faulty fuel pump may need to be replaced.

    3. Ignition system: Check the spark plugs for wear or fouling and replace them if necessary. A weak spark can make starting difficult. In some instances, a faulty ignition coil or other electrical component may be to blame, requiring professional diagnosis and repair.

    VI. Maintenance and care for motorcycle kickstarters

    A. Regular lubrication:

    Apply a lubricant specifically designed for motorcycle chains to the kickstarter lever’s pivot points to ensure smooth operation and prevent rust.

    B. Inspecting for wear and tear:

    Regularly inspect the kickstarter for signs of wear and tear, such as cracked or bent levers, worn springs, or damaged ratchets. Replace any worn-out components promptly to maintain optimal performance and safety.

    C. Cleaning and protecting:

    Keep the kickstarter clean and dry to prevent corrosion. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt and grime, and avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners. After cleaning, apply a light coat of lubricant to protect the metal surfaces.

    VII. Choosing the right motorcycle kickstarter for your dirt bike

    A. Dirt bike type:

    Standard kickstarters are suitable for most dirt bikes. However, larger displacement engines or heavier bikes may benefit from a compression release or electric kickstarter for easier starting.

    B. Starting skills:

    If you’re a beginner, an electric kickstarter can offer more convenience, especially when learning proper technique. As your skills develop, a standard or compression release kickstarter may be sufficient.

    C. Riding conditions:

    For riders who frequently encounter cold weather or challenging terrain, a compression release kickstarter can make starting the bike easier.

    D. Budget:

    Electric kickstarters typically cost more than standard kickstarters. Consider your budget and prioritize features that best suit your needs.

    VIII. Safety precautions when using a motorcycle kickstarter

    A. Secure the bike:

    Ensure the bike is parked on a level surface with the handlebars turned fully to one side. Engage the parking brake to prevent the bike from rolling during the starting process.

    B. Wear proper gear:

    Always wear a helmet, gloves, boots, and other appropriate protective gear when starting the bike with a kickstarter.

    C. Avoid loose clothing:

    Loose clothing can become entangled in the kickstarter mechanism, posing a safety hazard. Wear clothing that fits snugly and allows for unrestricted movement.

    D. Be aware of surroundings:

    Start the bike in a safe and open area, free from obstacles and other people. This minimizes the risk of injury or damage in case the bike kicks back unexpectedly.

    IX. Additional considerations for dirt bike kickstarter gear

    A. Kickstart pads:

    These padded attachments strap onto the kickstarter lever, providing additional cushioning and comfort for your leg during the kicking process.

    B. Kickstart levers:

    Aftermarket kickstart levers can be made from various materials and offer improved ergonomics compared to stock levers. Consider levers with a wider surface area or textured grip for better control.

    C. Kickstart springs:

    Upgraded kickstart springs can provide a smoother and more consistent kicking experience, particularly on well-worn bikes or those with larger engines.

    X. Conclusion

    Mastering the art of using a motorcycle kickstarter is a rewarding skill for any dirt bike enthusiast. By understanding the different types of kickstarters, proper technique, troubleshooting common problems, and practicing regular maintenance, you can ensure your dirt bike is ready to conquer any trail. Remember, prioritizing safety and choosing the right kickstarter for your needs are crucial aspects of a successful and enjoyable dirt bike experience.

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