Effortless Convenience: The Benefits of an Electric Rear Tailgate


In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king. This is especially true when it comes to our vehicles, where we spend a significant amount of time commuting, running errands, and embarking on adventures. One innovation that has transformed the way we interact with our vehicles is the electric rear tailgate. This ingenious technology has revolutionized the way we load and unload cargo, making it a game-changer for drivers of all ages and abilities.

Understanding Electric Rear Tailgates

An electric rear tailgate, also known as a power liftgate or automatic tailgate, is a motorized system that opens and closes the rear tailgate of a vehicle using an electric motor. This system eliminates the need to manually lift or pull down the tailgate, providing a level of convenience that was once only a dream.

Types of Electric Rear Tailgate Mechanisms

There are three main types of electric rear tailgate mechanisms:

  • Linear Actuator Systems: These systems use a linear actuator, which is a device that converts rotational motion into linear motion, to push or pull the tailgate open or closed. Linear actuators are a common choice for electric rear tailgates due to their reliability and durability.

  • Hydraulic Systems: Hydraulic systems use hydraulic pressure to open and close the tailgate. These systems are typically more powerful than linear actuator systems, but they can also be more complex and expensive.

  • Pneumatic Systems: Pneumatic systems use compressed air to open and close the tailgate. These systems are relatively lightweight and compact, but they may not be as powerful as other options.

  • Electric Rear Tailgate

Factors to Consider When Choosing Electric Rear Tailgates

When selecting an electric rear tailgate for your vehicle, several factors should be considered to ensure compatibility, optimal performance, and a seamless installation process.

  • Vehicle Compatibility:

    • Make, Model, and Year of the Vehicle: Ensure the electric rear tailgate system is compatible with the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to verify compatibility.

    • Tailgate Design and Compatibility with the System: Verify that the tailgate design is compatible with the chosen electric rear tailgate system. Some systems may have specific requirements for tailgate size, shape, or hinges.

  • Power Source and Installation:

    • Compatibility with the Vehicle’s Electrical System: Ensure the electric rear tailgate system is compatible with the vehicle’s electrical system. Check the voltage requirements and amperage draw to avoid overloading the vehicle’s electrical system.

    • Ease of Installation and Integration: Consider the ease of installation and integration of the electric rear tailgate system. Some systems may require professional installation, while others may be suitable for DIY enthusiasts.

  • Control Methods and Features:

    • Key Fob Control: Many electric rear tailgates can be controlled using the vehicle’s key fob, allowing for remote operation.

    • Interior Button Control: A button or switch located inside the vehicle provides convenient control for tailgate operation.

    • Motion Sensor Activation: Some systems offer motion sensor activation, allowing you to open the tailgate with a simple foot gesture.

    • Hands-Free Operation with Foot Sensors: Hands-free operation using foot sensors provides added convenience, especially when carrying groceries or other items.

  • Safety Features and Considerations:

    • Obstruction Detection and Automatic Reversal: Obstruction detection sensors prevent the tailgate from closing on objects or people, ensuring safety.

    • Child Protection Mechanisms: Child protection mechanisms prevent children from accidentally operating the tailgate, reducing the risk of injury.

    • Emergency Manual Release: An emergency manual release mechanism allows for manual tailgate operation in case of power failure or system malfunction.

    • Electric Rear Tailgate

Selecting the Right Electric Rear Tailgate for Your Vehicle

With a multitude of electric rear tailgate systems available, choosing the right one requires careful consideration of your specific needs and preferences.

  • Popular Electric Rear Tailgate Brands and Models:

    • Pop & Lock: Pop & Lock is a renowned brand offering a wide range of electric rear tailgate systems for various vehicles.

    • EZ Lip: EZ Lip specializes in affordable and easy-to-install electric rear tailgate systems.

    • Votomotiv: Votomotiv provides high-quality electric rear tailgate systems with advanced features and compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.

    • LuvTrux: LuvTrux offers rugged and durable electric rear tailgate systems designed for trucks and SUVs.

  • Evaluating Customer Reviews and Recommendations:

    • Online reviews and forums: Explore online reviews and forums to gain insights from real users about the performance, reliability, and customer service of different electric rear tailgate systems.

    • Expert opinions and industry publications: Consult expert opinions and industry publications to get recommendations on top-rated electric rear tailgate systems for your vehicle.

Enhancing Your Vehicle with an Electric Rear Tailgate

Installing an electric rear tailgate can transform your vehicle’s functionality and add a touch of luxury to your driving experience.

  • Installation Process and Considerations:

    • Professional installation vs. DIY installation: Decide whether to opt for professional installation, which ensures proper integration and avoids potential errors, or a DIY installation, which can be cost-effective for experienced enthusiasts.

    • Tools and materials required: Gather the necessary tools and materials for installation, as outlined in the manufacturer’s instructions.

    • Safety precautions and electrical considerations: When dealing with electrical components, prioritize safety by following proper precautions and ensuring the vehicle’s battery is disconnected before installation.

  • Benefits of Adding an Electric Rear Tailgate to Your Vehicle:

    • Effortless cargo loading and unloading: No more struggling with heavy groceries, sporting equipment, or luggage. The electric rear tailgate provides effortless opening and closing with the touch of a button or a wave of your foot.

    • Improved convenience and accessibility: This technology is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or those carrying young children.

    • Enhanced safety and reduced strain: Eliminate the need to bend or reach, reducing the risk of back strain and injuries.

    • Increased vehicle value and appeal: An electric rear tailgate can add value to your car and enhance its overall appeal, especially when considering resale.

Troubleshooting Common Electric Rear Tailgate Issues

While electric rear tailgates are generally reliable, minor issues can occasionally arise.

  • Identifying the Source of the Problem:

    • Electrical issues: These may include blown fuses, loose connections, or faulty wiring.

    • Mechanical issues: Worn-out components, misaligned mechanisms, or damaged parts can hinder proper operation.

    • Sensor-related issues: Obstructed or malfunctioning sensors can prevent the tailgate from functioning correctly.

  • Potential Solutions and Remedies:

    • Checking electrical connections and fuses: Verify that all electrical connections are secure and replace any blown fuses.

    • Inspecting mechanical components for wear or damage: Visually inspect moving parts for signs of wear and tear, and address any issues promptly.

    • Cleaning and calibrating sensors: Clean any debris or dirt obstructing sensors and consult the user manual for calibration instructions.

Maintenance and Care for Your Electric Rear Tailgate

Regular maintenance ensures the smooth operation and longevity of your electric rear tailgate.

  • Regular Maintenance Schedule:

    • Visual inspections: Perform regular visual inspections for signs of damage, wear, or loose components.

    • Cleaning and lubricating moving parts: Clean and lubricate moving parts according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to maintain smooth operation.

    • Checking electrical connections and fuses: Periodically check electrical connections for tightness and replace any blown fuses.

  • Proactive Maintenance Tips:

    • Avoiding overloading the tailgate: Avoid exceeding the weight limit of the tailgate to prevent overloading the system.

    • Protecting the system from harsh weather conditions: Park your vehicle in a garage or covered area whenever possible to protect the system from harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or cold.

    • Seeking professional assistance for complex issues: For complex electrical or mechanical issues, seek assistance from a qualified auto technician.

The Future of Electric Rear Tailgate Technology

Electric rear tailgate technology is constantly evolving, offering exciting possibilities for the future.

  • Advanced Features and Integration:

    • Voice-activated control: Imagine opening and closing the tailgate with a simple voice command.

    • Gesture-based control: Gesture recognition technology could allow for hands-free operation with a wave of your hand.

    • Integration with smart home systems: Imagine seamlessly integrating your electric rear tailgate with your smart home system for added convenience.

  • Safety Enhancements and Obstacle Detection:

    • Improved obstacle detection sensors: Advanced sensors can offer a wider range of detection and prevent the tailgate from closing on objects or people.

    • Automatic emergency stop functionality: This technology could automatically stop the tailgate from closing if an obstruction is detected.

    • Lane departure warning systems: Integration with lane departure warning systems could prevent accidental tailgate operation while driving.

  • Autonomous Tailgate Operation and Vehicle Integration:

    • Hands-free tailgate opening with proximity sensors: The tailgate could automatically open as you approach the vehicle with your key fob.

    • Integration with autonomous driving systems: As autonomous driving technology advances, electric rear tailgates could play a role in fully automated cargo loading and unloading.

    • Voice-controlled cargo management: Imagine using voice commands to open the tailgate, activate interior cargo lights, or even deploy a retractable cargo shelf.


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